Tinkle Hair Cutter, 2 ct

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The “Tinkle Hair Cutter” is a comb-like device that contains a pair of high-end, platinum-coated razor blades. One combs one's hair with it and lots of hair comes off. Better-looking results are obtained when a second person does the combing. 


Great for bangs, shorter hair, and giving layers.

Can be used for long animal hair as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sibil Z

These are super sharp one wrong move and you will take off all your hair make sure that your hair is wet before you use it

Marisa J
Easy to use

I have been using this razor comb to trim my hair for a couple of years now. Love it. So easy.

Marylin C
Using it for stroke victim husband

Easier to use than electric clippers. No cord so I can get around hubby's head easier. He had a stroke and can't turn his head much

Glo G
Trim and done

Good quality product. Great for slightly trimming the tips of my hair. It was so easy to use. You cant mess up.

Eduardo S
Easy to use

I was pleasantly surprised on how well I did the first time I used it. I have razor combs in the past and they were not that great. This keeps me out of barbers, which is important to me because of the Covid 19. The only fault I could find is frayed ends that required additional touch up. It is important to keep your hair moist.