Tinkle Hair Cutter, 1ct

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The “Tinkle Hair Cutter” is a comb-like device that contains a pair of high-end, platinum-coated razor blades. One combs one's hair with it and lots of hair comes off. Better-looking results are obtained when a second person does the combing. 


Great for bangs, shorter hair, and giving layers.

Can be used for long animal hair as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Tom R
Simple is often the best!

This product is straight forward. If you know how to comb your hair - you"re in.
I think this product is going to work out fine for me. T

Susan K
I'm so glad I bought these

I can't believe how well they worked for me.
I was able to cut my hair without any problems. Do read the directions before using.
Will be buying more.

Morena M
Must have hair care

Best Little hair tool I've ever bought. Easy to use and does the job. I haven't had to go pay the exorbitant prices at beauty salons since I got this little helper. Keeps my hair looking great.

Therise J

I got them to cut my bangs. The results were better than using scissors. They didn??t come with directions so I??m learning as I go.

Ridi R
Value for the money

Used this for my pixie cut wig cap installation and it came out soo perfect ??. Will be ordering more.