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Dorco Line-up Eyebrow Razor for Men , 6 PCS

Dorco Line-up Eyebrow Razor for Men , 6 PCS

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  • Stainless Steel Blade for Efficacy: Features fine quality stainless steel blade for easy maneuvering. Effectively trims or removes the unwanted hairs on eyebrows, sideburns, whiskers, beard, and dermaplaning.

  • Long Blade for Enhanced Glide: Long blade design for an ultra-close and comfortable shave. Can adapt to every contour easily and even possible to reach some hard-to-reach parts or sensitive areas.
  • Blade Cover for Safety: A specially designed blade cover that allows a gentle and painless hair removal. Provides an extra safety for a close shave as it could barely touching the skin while shaving.
  • Portable and Durable: Designed with easy-to-carry and durability in mind. Includes a safety cap for portability, long-lasting usage, as well as hygiene purpose.
  • Ideal for Men for Multipurpose: An ergonomic, high-quality razor blades for men in 20’s and 30’s. Best for shaping eyebrows, removing fine soft hair, or even smoothing skin. Not only women, but men deserve the best possible care for their faces.

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